Mobility allows workplace flexibility to drive productivity.  Mobile VoIP allows user mobility by connecting businesses and mobile workers through the internet and without the use of landlines. ShoreTel Mobility will:

  • Support bi-directional corporate directory dialing
  • Support call transfers bi-directionally with the enterprise voice system
  • Receive and make business calls with an enterprise number identity
  • Allow you to view corporate voicemail messages
  • Allow employees to use their favorite smartphones and tablets
  • Stay connected from any location around the world on any network
  • Keep business and personal calls completely separate

A strong mobile VoIP solution should allow the user to communicate his or her availability. For example, when you are out of the office on your mobile phone, co-workers should be able to see your availability as if you were sitting at your desk. Mobility should be completely transparent, with everything back at the office remaining the same. Ideally, your enterprise should not have to build separate systems to support mobile users, it should all be integrated in one unified solution.

An effective mobile VoIP platform will give you the freedom to use your mobile device, making you reachable at all times. It will give you the flexibility to change presence status, restrict caller access, and maintain call control. This will also include changing call handling modes seamlessly from outside or inside the workplace.

Harbor Network’s recommends ShoreTel Voice with Ruckus Wireless for your mobility needs. This pairing will help with your employee’s mobility by certifying VoIP over your Wi-Fi, extending Wi-Fi coverage by using Ruckus BeamFlex technology, and supporting a large number of voice clients per access point.

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