ShoreTel Connect


shoretel connectShoreTel Connect delivers simple business communications that are easy to use and deploy by unifying all solutions into one platform.  The platform can be delivered two ways, as a product or service.  Finally, the customer can choose between three different types of deployment: onsite, cloud, or a hybrid of the two. ShoreTel Connect seamlessly integrates applications and services to simplify how we communicate.

What is typically considered as a complex array of technology, services, and models, ShoreTel Connect is able to simplify the communication process for organizations. Finding the right ShoreTel UC solution that fits an organizations needs is now easy and can grow with them as their needs evolve in the future.

One Platform: ShoreTel Connect provides a single user interface that manages the call handling and collaboration tools such as messaging, call records, voicemail, and collaborating event scheduling with active directory, Outlook and popular ICS calendars like Google Plus.  A single platform provides a simple way to access all communication options, no matter if you’re using your personal smartphone, office phone, laptop, or office computer.

Two delivery choices: Organizations have the opportunity to have their ShoreTel Connect phone system delivered as a product with an onsite phone system or as a service from the cloud. This empowers executives to align communications investments with their business models either as a capital expenditure (Capex) or operational expenditure (Opex).

Three ways to deploy: Organizations can choose the communication system that best suits their needs: a cloud-based phone system with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD; an onsite phone system with ShoreTel Connect ONSITE; and some combination of both with ShoreTel Connect HYBRID. All three have advantages depending on the particular needs of a company.

If an organization large or small wants a phone system that is onsite, in the cloud, or a mixture of both, they can be assured they will receive a simple, yet powerful user interface for their communications needs with ShoreTel Connect.