When it’s time to transition your business, Harbor Networks provides Consulting services to transform your voice and data communications operations.

Business transitions come in many shapes and sizes. Your company may be expanding, merging, re-locating, downsizing, or simply evolving. Our Consulting team works closely with you to review your current operations and to understand your specific transition needs.

Every client has different goals. Some may be looking for a competitive advantage; some may have productivity goals for driving business from their network; others may simply need to reduce costs or run more efficient operations. Using our best-practice Consulting methodology, we will design a solution that’s tailored to deliver the most value based on your specific needs.


Your business goals are realized during the Integration phase. It’s where the buck stops, where the rubber hits the road.

Our Integration team is a highly skilled, highly trained labor force with a litany of manufacturer’s certifications and accreditations that will carry out your integration in a timely and efficient manner. They start with the systems design tailored for your business during the Consulting phase. From there, they begin the work of building a strong platform for conducting your daily operations.

Our Integration methodology is designed to quickly integrate new technologies into your every day operations. We also keep on eye on reducing risk with minimal disruptions to your daily workflow. If it’s necessary to keep your business running during the day, we will build your entire communications platform after hours. In that way, our best-practice integration technologies provide the greatest business benefit with minimal impact.

The Integration team works closely with you to understand your operational goals. In many cases, we have found that a good network platform can actually add value via enhanced efficiency or productivity.


With our HarborNet™ Managed Services practice, Harbor Networks advances our partnership by supporting your communications environment with a continuum of “Day 2” service offerings.

Once your network platform has been designed, built and launched, there is still a crucial operational aspect to consider. The premise behind managed services is that we take ownership of your systems management lifecycle, enabling you to focus on running your business. Our accredited service engineers handle your managed services remotely from our Service Operations Center, via secure real-time communications.