New Horizon Communications

New Horizon Communications Group is a full-service provider of voice, data & Internet solutions for businesses including pri telecom and pots line solutions.New Horizon offers comprehensive pots line solutions at significant cost savings with flexible contract terms.  They also provide all services on a single managed platform.  The online portal allows you to manage your pri telecom consumption, inventory and investment with up-to-the-minute billing, order, and repair information.

Our customers rely on us for everything from basic local and long distance pots lines to high-bandwidth Internet connectivity to advanced networking solutions like MPLS VPNs and custom-engineered WANs that carry voice, data, and video.

Customers receive relief–from impersonal service, services that don’t fit or live up to their claims, and poor communication and follow-up. Customers come to us in search of someone they can count on. And we’ve built our company to be exactly that.

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