Ascom is the Americas’ market leading developer of unified communication solutions for the healthcare industry, providing system users with greater freedom of movement, better service, and increased safety.  Ascom smartphones and emergency call systems are reliable and always provide what you need when you need it.  With a specific focus on healthcare the systems, they are built and centered on specific needs of working nurses and clinicians.

Ascom has a variety of unified communication systems available including VoWiFi Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Personal Security Systems, Ascom Smartphones, and Emergency Call Systems.  Effective communication is key and the unified communications offerings from Ascom deliver effective and reliable UC systems to keep team members connected with each other and their information systems.

Ascom research and development focuses on innovative and reliable technologies for nurse call, medical device integration, and wireless communication systems to support and optimize customers’ Mission-Critical processes

Harbor Networks services and delivers Ascom systems for a variety of healthcare facilities including assisted living centers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.  Contact us today to discuss Ascom and the system that works best for your unique needs.

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